A Prayer for Mending

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by Dawn King


I am grieved, and I am sorry. I don’t understand. I can’t understand. We are called to love one another and there’s just so much hate. Hate so strong it feels like it can overpower love. I know that’s not true. I know the light is brighter than the darkness, but sometimes the darkness feels too loud. 

Holy Spirit–we need You. We really really need You. The brokenness is so big and the hurting just won’t stop. Come and comfort, come and shelter, come and protect. Shine Your light into the dark places and bring hope where there is despair. Lift up the chins of those who look down, remind them of who they are. Remind us all of who we are–who we are to You. 

We are Your beloved children. Your children that You paid so much to save. We are the prize that You suffered for. Help the confused children to remember who their Father is, and who their brothers are. Help us look past ourselves to see the other. Help us love without restraint, to give of ourselves and expect nothing back. Help us turn the other cheek, to walk two miles instead of one, and give the cloak off our own backs. 

You say that the only way to live is to die, so I pray we die. I pray we die to our selfish motives, to our narrowed view, to our stubborn tendencies. I pray we live. That we live to be united, we live surrendered, we live to show the world what it looks like to represent the Prince of Peace. 

Jesus, show us the way because we can’t see. We look through a glass dimly. Jesus, You are the way. Help us walk so close to You that we smell like You, that we look like You, that we become like You. Teach us Your ways so that our own ways die. Teach us Your Truth, so that it overpowers the tricky schemes of spite and bitterness. Your ways are above our ways, so we lay ours down. We say, “We don’t know what we’re doing. Help us.”

Help our hands be tools of mending not of breaking. Help our knees be bent for prayer. Help our hearts be broken so You can bring them back to wholeness. Heal our land. Put us back together again. Heal what has been for far too long torn to pieces by one another. Help us see what You see. Blind us like Paul, so You can teach us how to see. Make our forgiveness louder than the shouting bitterness. Show us how to forgive. 

Help us fight the right battles. Arm us with the weapons we need for spiritual warfare. Bind our hands to one another, to form the front line on this spiritual battle ground. Fill us with righteous anger toward the true enemy and not our fellow man. For those who protest, please protect them. For those who out of fear or hatred are rioting in anger, God I pray you send your army. Not to fight them, not to hurt them, but to surround them. Make their hands as heavy as lead and their hearts as soft as clay. May Your angel armies surround those lost in angry protest and help them see a better way. Help them see the way of Love.

You say to speak things that are not as though they are, so Lord I say I see a world not broken by color, but mended by it. A world where people don’t see with old eyes but with new. I see old ways dying and eternal ways being birthed. I see cops on bent knees, humbly praying for the people they have sworn to protect. I see people of every color trusting one another, and honoring the image of God found there. I see people choosing to see the best in others rather than judging falsely or jumping to conclusions. I see sharing, hoping, loving–laughter, hugs, and family. I see us all together. All of us, all the colors, all the sounds, all the differences that blend to make the most beautiful display of the limitless Creator. I see a family. A huge and happy, forgiving, whole and loving family–mended by color, mended by love.

So be it. 


Dawn King
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