Why we do this.

Heaven's Score Card

We believe that to walk in the Kingdom of God we need to walk in the ways of the King. One of the ways of Jesus was to multiply His kingdom and it's good news by getting his hands dirty with genuine discipleship. Our hope is that the Coach and Joe podcast is a first step for many towards being practically led up what we call "The Mountain of God". If you want to climb with us ask Jesus if you're supposed to apply for our on-location training school at www.jointheascent.com.

Join the Ascent

The Ascent is built to train leaders to walk in friendship with God. Our goal during this one year program is to be your guide and to create opportunities for you to engage and grow in community and discipleship. Because we believe learning is best taught and practiced, you’ll develop skills and aptitude in both the classroom and in hands-on ministry experience. You will be trained and equipped to be able to go out into the marketplace and universities as leaders who love and obey the Word of God and know the Holy Spirit intimately.
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Who we are.

The Bridgeway Network

BRIDGING WORD AND SPIRIT Coach and Joe is part of the Bridgeway Network and was birthed out of the Bridgeway Church community in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. At Bridgeway we help people walk in friendship with God. We endeavor to do this by bridging the gap between the word in the Spirit, meaning we genuinely pursue both scripture-based teaching without forgetting to walk daily with the Holy Spirit. You can learn more at www.bridgewaychurch.org.

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