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by Annwen Stone

I keep hearing the phrase “unprecedented times”. It’s not a phrase we are familiar with in the Western World. It’s something we usually align to things we have learnt in history lessons, things that my 99-year-old grandfather has lived through. I’m thinking about world wars, food rationing, the threat of a nuclear bomb… Yet here we are in “unprecedented times” in 2020 hoarding toilet paper and washing our hands like someone with the worst case of OCD. We have hit a kairos time in our lives that many of us have never had to face before. A time when in the shaking and the devastation of this evil virus the Kingdom of God wants to break in to get our attention. This is a Romans 8:28 time – the Father wants to turn for good that which was meant for evil. 

Watching the news right now provokes fear and seeing the escalating death rate across the world is shocking, but as I have been confined to my home and had more time to reflect, I really do sense an invitation. It’s an invitation back to what’s important, to family, to home and ultimately an invitation back to the Father. I’ve received many invitations in my life. Invitations to parties, to weddings, to new relationships, to adventures, but being invited doesn’t mean that I attend, or even if I do, that I fully participate. 

One of the meanings of invitation is:

 “A situation or action that tempts someone to do something or makes a      particular outcome likely.”

Something being likely only becomes definite if I am intentional, if I choose in. We could hunker down in the next few weeks, pray and hope for the best and watch a ton load of Netflix,  OR we could embrace the break-in from the Father. Embrace the invitation to seek His face on what His priorities are. Embrace the invitation for our homes to be a place of His presence to repent from our ways, that even if unintentional, have placed sports, entertainment and consumerism above him. We could spend time with our children so they know more deeply than ever before how loved and precious they are, we could build friendship in our marriages so that we laugh together not because someone else is entertaining us but because we genuinely know deep joy in our connection. 

We have an invitation right now to let go of the things in our lives that were only ever meant to be peripheral and became central. Someone we disciple last night called it a ‘reset’. I liked that. It’s like in the chaos and the fear, the invitation to us all is for a giant global reset. 

I’m going to choose in to the solitude, the invitation to realignment and to host love over fear.

What are you going to do?

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  1. I love this blog for so many reasons and wanted to respond by what I heard the Father say to me and do.
    I don’t have to feed the fear. I should Intentionally use my words to speak life and realize that this is a spiritual battle. I am a warrior! I AM equipped to stand and fight. I speak His word not only over my life, but speak it over my neighborhood as I walk through it. I have the great opportunity to speak life daily to all I come in contact through multiple means.

    It definitely is a season where I have the opportunity to reset and return to the Fathers heart without so many worldly distractions. I’m reminded of a meme I read which stated , “there are so many house cleaning projects I would do if I only had the time….turns out I really didn’t like housework! “ I realized my relationship with the Father could be like that too . I can always find something else to distract me from spending one on one time with him. What will I intentionally chose to do daily?

    This is a different season, but such a great opportunity for me to create new routines and habits that will remain far after COVID19. I also am seeing so many new opportunities and creativity in ways that may not have been nurtured if I were continuing to live at my breakneck pace of life. I frequently used to say my life was
    like a whirlwind.

    I find myself amazed at how our Father is inviting us individually into a much deeper relationship with Him, but also growing us corporately, and that overflow spills out onto all our connections.

    I’m thankful Father led me to Bridgeway several years ago. I didn’t know why I stayed when many of my friends left except the Father said “follow me” not them. He simply did not release me to go. I am thankful I listened.

    I am fully expecting an explosion of Power and glory to be released when we all come back together, as a more mature , confident body of warriors, more certain of our identity and spiritual authority given to us both individually and corporately. I don’t want to miss a thing!

    1. I love this Paula. I love hearing your response to the Fathers invitation to walk in deeper friendship with Him. I also celebrate the fruit of that response into loving your neighbours. Awesome – keep going

  2. The invitation to “choose in” is even more important now in the marketplace. We have people’s attention even more than ever. People are hungry for hopeful and meaningful virtual connections. People need God and we can be the vehicles of his love. My colleagues are grasping for anything that gives them hope and God has opened the door even wider for us to care and pray for people in the marketplace. I had someone on our team pass away from COVID today and countless others whose family, friends, loved ones are symptomatic or just beginning to recover from a very hard 16 days battling the disease. God is using technology for good – we can reach out, pray, text, etc. Thank you, Annwen for encouraging us to accept the invitation to “choose in” to loving God AND loving others especially during this time!

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