David’s Tabernacle: Building Altars of Prayer and Worship in Our Cities

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by Michael Thornton

Amos’ Ancient Prophetic Word:
“In the last days, I will restore David’s fallen shelter. I will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins and will rebuild it as it used to be.” Amos 9:11

The church is in a reformation. The times we are living in demand it. Even though social media has connected us on a global level, many people remain divided by culture and race. The streets of America are aching for healing and reconciliation at many levels of society. Government and policy action can only place a bandage on a gaping wound that runs deep into America’s fabric. It will take more than policy and apologies to bring people together again. Only a united church can heal a divided nation. God’s presence is the only hope for America for sustainable change.

King David also lived in similar times thousands of years ago. The nation of Israel was culturally and politically divided. Communities were fragmented. There was a major disconnect between the law enforcement and local communities. The whole nation was on edge. The atmosphere was filled with anger, hostility, and civil unrest because of King Saul’s prior leadership. In the midst of this crisis, King David brings a solution. He recovers the Ark of the Covenant (Presence) and places it in a tent in the middle of his city. He gathers and employs over 4,000 musical prophets and initiates a 24/7 worship reformation that lasts 40 years. Imagine an unending worship & prayer meeting erupting from a team of over 4,000 prophetic musicians.

Worship, Prophecy, and Intercession was the spiritual DNA that David hosted around this tent known as the Tabernacle of David. Day and night and night and day live worship teams filled the atmosphere of the nation with endless love songs and powerful declarations of faith towards God. In this environment, love conquered fear and hope dominated despair. Instruments prophesied with words and young prophets spoke prophetically into the land. Fresh songs and new sounds were breaking off old patterns of distrusting behavior. The nation prospered and David’s Tabernacle gave even the most common person direct access to connect with God’s presence. There was no holy of holies. No high priest. Anyone at any given time could connect with God because live worship fostered Heaven’s glory 24/7. David built a national altar of pure worship and prayer.

Music is a universal language. Music is a connector that brings people together. Prophetically inspired worship pierces the soul. It heals wounds and trauma no matter how deep and how ancient. It can do what a thousand sermons cannot. What if the rebuilding of David’s tabernacle is the solution to our division? Can it be that simple? Never underestimate what 3 chords and a burning heart for God can do to demons and powers of darkness. If David’s harp drove demons out of the King, then why can’t someone’s guitar played for God drive out evil forces over cities? It’s time to build altars of unending altars of worship & prayer in our homes, communities, and cities.

Let the worshipers arise!

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