Social Distancing Prayer Adventures

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by John Flowers

A simple school packet pick up excursion became a prayer adventure with my daughter. 

Here’s how:  

We drove down almost every street of the community surrounding our church property. When we came to an unfamiliar dead-end road, I turned left. The first house on the street had people out in the yard. As a serial extrovert, I decided that we all “needed” the interaction. 

We kept a generous 25 feet of social distance since I was in a car in the middle of the road, and they were on the property near a cement block structure in the yard. Plus, I’m some random/probably awkward stranger to them. No harm, no foul.

After smiling and waving, I asked the two men how they were doing in the midst of everything going on. I told them what I was up to with driving and prayer. This immediately brought some relief and a connection with the two men. The homeowner said that his well pump had died, and that he had been without water for 4 days. Thankfully, his uncle was there to help him install the new one! (To me it is important to learn someone’s name to help treat them as a valuable human, created in God’s image. I do know their names, but I will omit them here for their privacy.)

I asked them if I could pray for them right then, and the nephew took off his hat and bowed his head. I began to pray a simple prayer of blessing for them, the process of installation and for the longevity of the pump’s service life. They both seemed to really appreciate the prayer and thanked me for stopping. 

It was simple. It was powerful. It was needed.

I was feeling pretty encouraged myself. So, we proceeded to drive around some more streets before heading to our own neighborhood to do more drive-by-blessing. 

Now that my 4-year-old was finished eating the parts of her sandwich that weren’t smeared on her face or lost in the recesses of her carseat, I invited her to join me in praying. 

This was a strategic moment. We were inviting the power and presence of God into our community. I could model apostolic prayer for her. This was especially important since we have been going on walks in our neighborhood and I have been talking to her about praying for our neighbors. This was her chance to join Daddy in something that he enjoys, and for me to put my money where my discipling mouth is. I was gonna be an awesome dad.

I prayed for families, houses, mortgages, businesses, inventions, ideas, unity, marriages, kids, and anything else I could think of. I stopped at an intersection (with no cars behind me), and asked my daughter what she wanted to pray. 

She began to pray for everyone in America, and in the US and in all of the States, and then for Georgia. 4-years-old is a great age. She even wrote a song about God sending fire, it falling to the ground, everyone getting healed, and everyone being safe. 

Wow. She gets it. 

Don’t be limited. Don’t just pray small prayers. See the people around you and stop to pray for them when you’re running errands. Pray for a complete and wholesale move of God. Pray for complete healing. Pray for nations and continents. Our God is at least as big as my daughter imagines. Probably bigger. Infinitely bigger. Infinitely kinder. 

Do I have the faith of a child? Am I available to stop for the person in front of me, even in a quarantine time? What about you?

John Flowers

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