The Tree and the Rock (A Parable)

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by Dr. Jack Hancock

There once was a large smooth Rock that was clearly visible to the people.  Everyone saw the Rock and marveled at its strength, size and appearance.  The people were proud of this Rock and the “way it was”… they were comfortable with it. They worshipped the Rock just because it “was”… it was their religion.

Then one day a small shoot came up through the Rock. How could this happen, it will ruin its appearance, and besides the Rock will be weakened.  Will it crumble of fracture?

The small shoot continued to grow until it was a beautiful Tree, and still the Rock was not weakened or diminished in strength.

The rains and wind came down and the Tree was “beaten”! People began to dislike the “Tree in the Rock” because their Rock was not the way it used to be….smooth! They tried to pull it out of the Rock but the root was deep inside of the Rock and therefore protected.

The people came to resent the Tree in the Rock and tried to kill it and cut it down, but it continued to grow and flourish.

What about this Rock?  You see the Rock signifies the great creator almighty God, and the Tree was Jesus Himself – the Tree of Life.

It will be Jesus himself (Tree of life) that will “break through” any hard surface (problems, hard heart, etc.) of your life.

Jesus endured the attacks of this world (wind, rain, storms, etc.).  He took on Himself your sins, cares, deliverance, healing, protection, provision and future.

The Tree of Life could not be destroyed or separated from the Rock, so they decided to crucify Him on it…but it became even stronger. And it continues to grow today with multiple branches and fruit.

And Yes, the Rock is unchanged!

The Rock and the Tree of Life are not mocked.  Those who speak against them will be exposed for their lies.

You will have a chance to see what this Rock/Tree will produce in the near future.

Keep watching the Tree in the Rock.

Jack Hancock
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